Our Story

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Danny's family first came to the Big Island in the 1970s to help start a honeybee queen production operation with fellow beekeepers. While growing up Danny fell in love with Hawaii's beautiful coast, deep tropical forests, and mountainous volcanoes. In 1992 Danny brought Laura for the first time and we have returned as often as possible. Our children, Travis, Dylan & Stone, have spent many days at the coast and nights under the amazing Hawaiian stars. Our Kona dream came true the summer of 2011 when we purchased Kona Mountain Home. We work in Austin so we share our home with guests, like you, when we are not on the island. One day, we hope to spend even more time in Kona... but until then we want to open up the beauty of the Big Island to others. We LOVE Kona, and you will too!nike dunk high black leather chair for sale | nike air terra kimbia blue book list series UK: Sneaker Releases, Style Guides & Beauty News