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Jonathan provides commercial and personal photography services.

How about family portraits while you are in Kona? Or, action shots as you paddle board?


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Jonathan Davis Photographer Kailua-Kona
United States
19° 38' 47.2848" N, 155° 59' 49.164" W

Wedding Location - Kikala Point State Beach Park

This location is one exit south of the Hualalai entrance. One needs to get in touch with Paula at (808) 325-4108, as this location needs to be reserved for special events. Paula cares for the Kikala Point State Beach Park. There is a beautiful grassy area with surroundings. Events on this site need to be under 20 people and one needs to apply for a state permit, which is not difficult. There are no fees. Paula will provide directions.


Kikala Point State Beach Park
United States
19° 49' 29.748" N, 155° 59' 37.4604" W

Wedding Location - Public beach entrance of the Hualalai Resort

We have seen many small weddings at this beach, some of them with white wedding dresses or quite casual, in shorts. There is no option to reserve, so first come first serve and there is no fee. That setting is located at the public beach entrance of the Hualalai Resort. The sign is visible from the Highway and set into lava rocks.


Public beach entrance of the Hualalai Resort
100 Kaupulehu Dr
96740 Kailua-Kona , HI
United States
19° 49' 8.1192" N, 155° 59' 18.4884" W
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